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City Departments    [ JOB OPENINGS ]
City of Hamilton Missouri


Hamilton City Hall
200 S. Davis / PO Box 217
Hamilton, Missouri  64644

Fax:  816-583-4929

City Council / Mayor  - Directory Available on our Government Page

Jean Van Iperen - City Administrator    


Crystal Dorrel - City Clerk



 Zoning Administrative Officer      



Police Department

104 W School Street
Hamilton, MO 64644
Ph: 816-583-7311
Fax: 816-583-2752

Police Chief  - April Melte

Full Time Officers
Sgt. Jason Sackrey
Officer Seth Allen
Officer Lena Turpin
Part Time Officers
Jared McGinley
Sarah McGinnis

Public Works

Lonnie "Mitch" McCumber

James Goode                



City of Hamilton, Missouri USA

200 S. Davis / PO Box 217
Hamilton, Missouri  64644
Phone:  816-583-4911 / Fax:  816-583-4929

This institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider.