The Missouri Transportation Department has designated US Route 36 as the "The Way of American Genius." Notable innovations and innovators along the route include Samuel Clemens, Walt Disney, General John "Blackjack" Pershing, sliced bread, the Pony Express, and Hamilton's James Cash Penney.

Highway 36 has a brand new designation: The Highway of American Genius.
Hamilton, Missouri, was the first on Hwy 36 to adopt the brand for its billboards.

I Am Angus - Harold Henry on J.C. Penney and Homeplace Farm (Video)
In this I Am Angus, rancher Harold Henry talks about the history and heritage of J.C. Penney's Homeplace Farms of Hamilton, Missouri, a famed Angus seedstock farm in the mid-20th Century.

Missouri Passages... Reinventing the J.C. Penney Museum by John Deis, President of Caldwell County Business Association (Article)

Missouri Tourism (Missouri Vacations, Missouri Travel Guide) - J.C. Penney Museum, Hamilton, Missouri (Article)

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